Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pirate Applique Dress

I have been very busy today! I got a Singer Futura Quartet embroidery/sewing machine a few months ago and I absolutely LOVE it! This was my 1st applique project and it was much easier than I thought! I bought a few applique designs from yesterday, so I will be posting some more projects I made with these in the next few weeks... The pattern for the dress is a "pillowcase" dress, I found a free template online I used for it. Today was my 1st time using my rotary cutter for cutting the fabric, all I have to say is WHY DIDNT I HAVE ONE OF THESE SOONER? lol.. If you do any sewing, i highly recommend investing the $30 and getting one. My cuts were perfectly straight, I never could have gotten those results with scissors!

Here is a close up of the applique

This is the dress :) SUPER simple pattern too!

I have more "pirate" themed projects I will post in the next few days, its my daughters birthday theme..

Happy Crafting!

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