Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Custom Gold Fish birthday outfit!

I made this "goldfish" themed outfit for one of my dearest friends' son for his first birthday! How cute is the THEME! I missed the party because my hubby was visiting from overseas, but im sure it was absolutly ADORABLE!

Thanks for looking! Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Custom Minnie Mouse Birthday Tutu outfit!

This weeks project, made special for Miss Kate's 1st birthday! Her Mommy loved it! Which is always a relief when a customer loves what you make, lol.. Any of you who have made things for people know the feeling! I have some St Pattys Day designs I am working on and excited to get them made this weekend so PRE ORDERS can start!

Thanks for looking! Happy Crafting!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

DIY wedding flowers!

Getting married soon and on a tight budget? Make your own custom flower bouquets! I made all 9 for my bridal party for around $60 if im not mistaken! I wanted teal flowers b/c my girls were wearing black dresses and it would have cost HUNDREDS of dollars to have roses dyed to match. So, me being a do it your selfer went to Michaels crafts and bought everything I needed!

Flowers ( 60% off, they run this sale every few months)
Hobby air brush gun, around $10 (hooked to my air compressor)
water based craft paint, around .99 cents a bottle
bouquet holders, around $3 (on sale)

I spray painted the flowers individually with the air brush gun, BTW that was super fun, lol.. I left them on the long stems and put in vases so they could dry. Once dry I snipped the stem off and arranged the flowers on the bouquet holder and VOILA! I sprayed them lightly with glitter hair spray ( I got at Walmart arounf halloween time) to add a little sparkle.. I LOVED them, they were unique and the best part is I made them myself! We did alot of DIY things for my wedding and it made it that much more special!

Happy Crafting!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DIY travel wipie case tutorial

How CUTE are these wipe cases! They are SUPER easy to make, no sewing needed, just a little hot glue! They are inexpensive to make, just a few dollars depending on what you may already have at home! These are GREAT for gifts, women love them! They are also a perfect addition to a custom diaper bag!

Here's what you will need:

Fabric- I just use 100% cotton quilters fabric, you can get "Fabric Quarters" at your local fabric store or Walmart for around $1! You will only need one and will hae some left over!

Travel wipe case- My Walmart sells the huggies one for $1.18 each! You can certainly use any kind you like :)

Ribbon/Trim of your choice

Hot glue gun


Spray adhesive (optional)

light batting or felt (optional)

Alrighty to start, I used my embroidery machine and customized the fabric before hand.. You can do any customizing you would like, add rhinestones, ribbons, flowers, ect.. the possibilities are endless!

I am using the Huggies brand case, it has a pop up door in the middle that is not flush with the rest of the case, so I found adding a piece of batting or felt on top will give you a nice smooth result.

Spray adhesive on top of case and lay your batting down.

Cut the excess batting around the edge.

Spray top of batting with adhesive and lay top fabric and smooth down. Cut away the excess fabric, not too close though, you will trim up in the next step.

Repeat for the bottom, no need to add batting to the bottom b/c its flat.

Now take your hot glue and run a strip along the edges, NOT on the edges, you need room to cut away fabric and it DOES NOT need to be perfect b/c you are going to cover this part with your ribbon or trim. Smooth fabric down from top to bottom. When you get the the 4 corners, just smooth out any wrinkles you have using your fingers, be sure to do this while your glue is hot so it smooths nicely.

Now trim away your excess fabric, cut a few centimeters from the edge so when you add your trim it doesnt show.

Start from the back middle with your ribbon, run a line of glue around the edge and press your trim down, all around until you are back where you started! Repeat for bottom and VOILA!

This only took me about 10 minutes to make and I was pausing taking pictures, lol! Leave a comment with a link to your pictures if you decide to make one of these!

Enjoy! Happy Crafting!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Custom Glam aprons!

Have a love for baking? Why not look glam even in the kitchen :) I fell in LOVE with these aprons after I made it, I wanted to keep them for MYSELF! lol.. They are even cuter in person too. These are the 1st 2 i've ever made, so they arent perfect, but i'm learning :) Enjoy!

This apron was made as a gift for a lady with a bakery :)

Thanks for looking! Happy crafting!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

DIY Army wreath for Valentine's Day

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this wreath I made! Since I will be spending yet another V-Day without my hubby :( I thought I would make one of these for our door! My side of the heart is SO me, lol Hot pink, damask print, flowers and BLING!

You need 1 ACU top, or about 1/2 yrd of acu fabric and 1/2 yrd of coordinating fabric. I used Pinking shears to cut my strips to prevent frays ( i think it looks better too) but you can use regular straight edge scissors too.


Pinking shears or regular scissors
ACU material
coordinating material
Wire wreath frame

Cut your strips of fabric 2in by 6in... You need ALOT of them, dependingon how full you want your wreath.

Okay, I couldnt find a heart shaped frame, but i did find this heart wreath with garland on it at the craft store, so I simply cut off the garland and Voila! You can see the back of the frame in this pic.

Once the garland is off, just start tieing your strips on one at a time. I just did a single knot and thats it!!

You can add any type of embellishment you would like, I added my hubbys name tag and some fabric flowers :)

Enjoy! Happy Crafting!

Army ACU purses custom made for Deana & the girls!

Custom purses I made from Deana's husbands old ACU uniforms. Now they can carry a little piece of their soldier with them everyday!

Enjoy! Happy crafting!