Sunday, February 19, 2012

DIY wedding flowers!

Getting married soon and on a tight budget? Make your own custom flower bouquets! I made all 9 for my bridal party for around $60 if im not mistaken! I wanted teal flowers b/c my girls were wearing black dresses and it would have cost HUNDREDS of dollars to have roses dyed to match. So, me being a do it your selfer went to Michaels crafts and bought everything I needed!

Flowers ( 60% off, they run this sale every few months)
Hobby air brush gun, around $10 (hooked to my air compressor)
water based craft paint, around .99 cents a bottle
bouquet holders, around $3 (on sale)

I spray painted the flowers individually with the air brush gun, BTW that was super fun, lol.. I left them on the long stems and put in vases so they could dry. Once dry I snipped the stem off and arranged the flowers on the bouquet holder and VOILA! I sprayed them lightly with glitter hair spray ( I got at Walmart arounf halloween time) to add a little sparkle.. I LOVED them, they were unique and the best part is I made them myself! We did alot of DIY things for my wedding and it made it that much more special!

Happy Crafting!!

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