Thursday, April 19, 2012

DIY Diaper cake & a tutorial!

Hi everyone! I wanted to share with you my very first diaper cake! It was SUPER easy to make, inexpensive & I think it came out really cute. You can personalize these as much as you want using your cricut machine to add embellishments, you could buy pre-made embellishments to match the "theme" of the shower ect ect, the possibilities are endless!
the supplies you will need are:
*1 bag of diapers- I used a 50ct bag from Walmart for $5.00, made a medium sized cake
*Small rubberbands- I used some of my daughters tiny hair bands i got from the dollar tree
*Large rubberbands
*Ribbons and embellishments
*Hot glue gun

To start off you have to roll all your diapers...

Secure each diaper with a tiny rubberband...

These are the diapers and 2 types of rubberbands I used...

Once the diapers are all rolled, start bundeling them together, securing with 1 or 2 large rubberbands. There is no set amount of diapers to use for each tier of the cake, just adjust as you go...

Now add your ribbon to cover the rubberbands. I chose 2 different ribbons to layer them, I think it looks cuter this way. Just hot glue the ends of each ribbon together (not to the diapers) and add a topper, I made a bow but you can use anything you would like. I dont think its complete until you have a topper, lol...

And there you go! You have a diaper cake! It cost me about $10 to make. It was a great decoration for the baby shower we had! And best of all, it was usable, lol!

Happy Crafting!

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