Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blog tip: How to link your blog url to your profile!

Hey ladies! I was having an issue with my blog profile not showing my blog url. For example, if you click on my picture from a blog post, all that came up was the blogs I follow, NOT my own blog! I know it makes it hard for me to find my followers blogs because it doesnt show thier blog url when I click their picture on my followers list. So I figured others may be having the same problem as me and I would share how to fix it :)

How I fixed mine:

1.Go to the "Blogs im following" page on your dashboard, at the bottom click the "manage" button.

2.Click "settings" button next to one of the blogs.

3.On the page that pulls up click "add link", its located just under your picture.

4.Another box pops up to enter your blog url and a space to name your link.
Click add then you are all set!

This updated my profile on ALL my blogs so I only had to add the link to one blog.

Doing this will make it MUCH easier for potential followers to find your blog :)


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